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It would be terrible to live without music

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It would be terrible to live without music

It would be terrible to live without music”, that’s cell phone numbers list how the slogan sounded in a well-known TV campaign of a radio station in 1997; Following this phrase sounded overwhelming “Wonderwall” by Oasis. 23 years later that phrase returned to cell phone numbers list our lives in such a real way that not even the darkest omen could have been right. The year 2020 was a terrible year for our sector, music, but it has been almost mortal for those of us who are dedicated to live. The artists cell phone numbers list made an effort to continue reaching their fans in a thousand possible ways: stories, tik tok, youtube, streams .

All in order not to stop, in order to comfort cell phone numbers list an overwhelmed and shocked world. Healthy music, this is not new, it has always served us as a defense, comfort and escape from our problems. However, the group cell phone numbers list experience, the unique trance that is experienced in a concert between the audience and the artist, we have left that behind . In these months I have heard people say that I would not cell phone numbers list even imagine, that they missed the sweat of the guy next door that hits you just at the moment when you are with your arms raised screaming at the top of your lungs in the middle of your favorite cell phone numbers list song.


At concerts, friendships are formed that last cell phone numbers list 90 minutes, alliances that end with the last guitar riff and experiences that are forever burned into our lives. We promoters are also the public of concerts, festivals cell phone numbers list and their biggest fans . This Cpa Email list year we have made a titanic effort to maintain sanity and our companies amid so much uncertainty, so much mistrust, so many video calls, teams and zooms … cell phone numbers list and losing the little courage we had left in shouting loudly and together that culture is safe and above all very necessary.

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