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Facebook Is Known for Quickly Disapproving

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Facebook Is Known for Quickly Disapproving

The largest orange frame within this is the municipality of Amsterdam and within it you see a smaller orange area. This is based on a postcode area. This image indicates that you can target as broadly or as specifically as you want. It could also be that Google has determined that Amsterdam is interesting enough to show an ad due to the fact that someone has shown a lot of interest in this place. Option 2 is a bit clearer, but also tighter. Determine the budget When many branches are getting a campaign, it is important to think about the budget in advance.

Is Known for Quickly Disapproving

At that moment someone is present in the location you specified or is here so often that Google can still show an advertisement for this location. Option 3 indicates that someone is searching for your location.  Something I also recommend in the first instance due to the fact that your reach is greatest here. What to Georgia Phone Number consider in local campaigns Google wouldn’t be Google if things didn’t really come out that were really explainable. This mainly happens with generic search terms (ie without location intention in the search term).


Known for Quickly Disapproving

My advice is to monitor whether this often happens by, for example, doing random samples. Do you feel that this happens often? Then there are two options to reduce that chance: Adjust location options: for example, you can choose that people really have to be in the set location. This restricts Google from taking the liberty of determining that another campaign might be of interest. Exclude locations: As with the ability to specify locations in local campaigns, you also have the option to exclude locations. If you have a few branches, that is still doable, but if you have 100 or more, then this is almost impossible. Step 3. Determine the budget When many branches are getting a campaign, it is important to think about the budget in advance.

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