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Is brand engagement still effective? Probing warns that it has already lost precision

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Is brand engagement still effective? Probing warns that it has already lost precision

The brand engagement is still used by 4 out of 5 marketers, as one of the measures to prove the return on investment, but only a minority believes that senior leaders take the term seriously, according to an analysis of AR Blippar. When measuring the success of marketing activity, the Egypt Mobile Database term ” engagement ” is often used as if it were a metric, however it encompasses many aspects, for some just a mention on social media or an email, while others classify the act of buying a product or service as the only sign of engagement. Egypt Mobile Number List

In a survey of digital readers, 78 percent revealed that they use engagement as a return on investment metric, while 57 percent use it to demonstrate the importance of branding. Another 79 percent measure engagement to understand what the marketing activity does and does not work, while 36 percent use it to direct creative work and 33 percent to sell more products , that is, the term it has become too ambiguous. Also, 39 percent of marketers Brother Cell Phone List don’t believe that senior leaders take engagement metrics “seriously.” For analysts, the absence of a single definition can raise concerns for professionals in the sector, since each marketer has a different concept of the term.

The danger for brands may be that they rely on trying to reach a large number of users because they are only trying to get more potential consumers , than focusing on what they are doing. While engagement is a measure of the amount of time consumers spend interacting with a brand, the truth is that touchpoints are now highly measurable in tracking each microengagement. However, the consumption of a brand does not necessarily become a change in behavior, since more things considered “interesting” can be measured, but they do not correlate to value. And as an example, beer ads , where people find it entertaining and share it, however, does not mean that the product is going to sell more.

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