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Research Into New Marketing Strategies

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Research Into New Marketing Strategies

As you can see in the image below, they have applied augmented reality to their range of products. It’s like standing in front of the mirror in the store, allowing you to properly assess details and matching, while just hanging out on the couch at home! Source: Shopify It is now also possible for watch enthusiasts to try on models via AR. Chrono24 is also busy developing, from which we can conclude that the need for visual search is certainly alive among marketers. Other industries Even if the focus is on experiencing instead of selling, this modern technology can offer a solution. Think of showing potential visitors around a tourist location, such as a tour through Amsterdam. Or training employees in healthcare, because they can still learn to perform difficult actions carefully.

Into New Marketing Strategies

They could even see inside the human body through a 3D application, handy! enlarge your world If you want to take the first steps towards the metaverse. Go through this list and start your digital reality today: Buy an Oculus 2 Headset. Because without this smart headset you can’t make the connection with the virtual Sign up for Facebook Horizon – a platform where you can discover and create the virtual world Create an avatar through Oculus. Currently, Meta (formerly Facebook) is an active developer, but in the future, you can certainly Lebanon Phone Number develop an avatar on all kinds of platforms to represent your person Start creating content using augmented reality Participate in a virtual reality event, such as one of the Oculus.


New Marketing Strategies

Augmented reality overlays digital content and information onto the physical world. As if they’re actually there with you. Google Start with visual search Blockchain, crypto, VR, AR, the development of the metaverse… Keep an eye out! It is a fact that visual search strategies, ie the application of images, videos, and virtual reality, are indispensable for a leading company or project. Are you stuck and don’t know where to start in this new year? Take a closer look at your visual search strategy and take small steps.Visual search is nothing more than image and video search. In this article I share with you why you should pay attention to the visual part of your marketing plan. First a step back, the metaverse.

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