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Role In Optimizing Your Conversion Rate

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Role In Optimizing Your Conversion Rate

This is how you build a webinar With a successful sales story in your webinar, you build towards that one moment: the moment when you make your offer to the viewer. You don’t do that right away, of course, because otherwise it wouldn’t take 60 to 90 minutes. Webinars take so long because you use a certain structure. You do that as follows: You respond to the viewer’s deepest desire. That is of course a desire that has to do with your product, service or idea. You hold up a carrot to the viewer without immediately giving everything away. You do indicate how much they can earn with your solution. Then you tell something about yourself to make an emotional connection with the viewer. You name the challenge you have overcome yourself to get to where you are now. You tell the viewer how they can do that too. An important point: you tune in to the imagination of your viewers by using words like ‘imagine that…’ and ‘what would that mean for you [insert]’.

In Optimizing Your Conversion Rate

By directly addressing the imagination of your viewer, you bypass the critical thinking ability, as it were: our rational brain. With the power of imagination you play much more on the emotional brain, making your viewers more receptive to suggestions. You discuss the value of the solution you present to the viewer: what does it cost the viewer every day that they do not take action? If necessary, you can supplement this with Sri-Lanka Phone Number amounts that you have invested yourself to progress. You make the value as high as possible and you ask the viewer: would this be worth it to you? “This is what I invested myself to get that knowledge.” You now name what you want to give the viewer to change his or her life. In addition, you state the highest possible price or prices of everything you offer. You indicate that you are not going to charge your viewers that high amount because your mission is to help others.


Optimizing Your Conversion Rate

Make this your own story. Then you put a big red line through that high amount and show the total amount with a huge discount. Think of any objections viewers may have and remove them by addressing the emotional brain: you do this by addressing people’s self-esteem. You emphasize that the offer in this webinar is only valid for a limited time and is therefore for real action-takers . Selling with webinars imagination Why you pitch your offer during the webinar We all know that moment in the cinema when the movie is over and you walk out full of adrenaline. You feel like you want to be like the protagonist in that movie. If you want to be like James Bond, you can buy an Aston Martin or a Rolex – if you had the money. Do you want to be like that beautiful dancer in Step Up? Then you would immediately say yes if a street dance workshop was offered after the film.

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