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How to Use Tweetups as a Marketing Strategy

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How to Use Tweetups as a Marketing Strategy

Social media goes beyond Facebook or Twitter. It’s about australian mobile number online connecting with people and developing relationships. And sometimes those connections can be literally face-to-face! Social media allows us to make connections faster and australian mobile number online over greater distances, but there is power in social media to bring us closer to our neighbors, too. One of the ways to do that is with a Tweetup What Is a Tweetup? There are some things that just can’t be done with a 140-character limit A Tweetup is an in-person meeting of Twitter users. It has also australian mobile number online become a colloquialism for any in-person networking event organized using social media.

For example, there are lots of events on australian mobile number online Facebook that result in large parties. One I was recently involved with is Bring Gary Vaynerchuk to Chicago. The whole thing was organized through Facebook. The end result was to meet Gary in Chicago, along with a lot of other entrepreneurs, networkers and wine lovers How Tweetups Benefit Your Business australian mobile number online Obviously Gary benefited from the Facebook event by having a lot of attention drawn to his book. Did anyone else benefit? On a personal level, Nancy S. (a friend, entrepreneur and wine connoisseur) was inspired by meeting Gary. Nancy has been hesitating australian mobile number online about starting a new venture, and gained new confidence from the event.


Kelly Olexa, the event organizer, also australian mobile number online benefited by hosting this event. She is now recognized as the person who brought Gary Vaynerchuk to Chicago, and she was able to network with a targeted audience during the event. The nice thing about a Tweetup is that it doesn’t australian mobile number online have to involve a celebrity. Cpa Email list The key element to a successful Tweetup is having something people are interested in. Just think of parties you’ve had before and what made them successful. You’ll generally get more people to come when you give them a australian mobile number online reason to be there.

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