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How to Use Facebook Business Manager: A Complete Guide

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How to Use Facebook Business Manager: A Complete Guide

The best reason to use Facebook Business Manager is to how to get usa phone number keep you focused on your work. When you log into Business Manager, you’re taken directly to your business assets on Facebook. From there, you can access your pages, Ads how to get usa phone number Manager, and other business-related assets without seeing your personal news feed or notifications. The second-best reason to use Business Manager is to keep how to get usa phone number everything organized and secure.

If you manage more than one Facebook how to get usa phone number page, ad account, or other assets for yourself or your clients, there’s a lot of back and forth to get from one asset to the next. More importantly, it’s difficult to oversee everything you and others are able to access. Business Manager allows you to how to get usa phone number quickly see all of your pages, ad accounts, people who have assigned roles, and much more. This is especially handy when you need to revoke access to several of your how to get usa phone number business’s Facebook assets for someone who no longer works for you. Instead of having to go to all of your business assets to remove that person, you simply go to the People section in Business Manager and remove their access to everything in how to get usa phone number one click.


Speaking of people, with Business Manager, how to get usa phone number you don’t have to be Facebook friends with people you assign to roles for your pages, ad accounts, and so on. You simply use Business Manager to assign roles. They never have to see your personal profile and you don’t have to see theirs. Now that you know why you should use Business Manager, here are the things you can how to get usa phone number do with it. Create New Business Assets in Business Manage If you’re new to Business Manager, first set up your account at business.facebook.com/overview. If you have no business assets (pages, ad accounts, or product catalogs) how to get usa phone number when you sign up, you can create them.

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