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How to Use Clubhouse to Grow Your Reputation

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How to Use Clubhouse to Grow Your Reputation

Optimizing your Clubhouse bio is mission-critical phone numbers database free download before you step into any room—big or small. It’s how people know who you are so they can decide if they want to follow you, invite you on stage, and allow you to be a club member. phone numbers database free download A funny little point about Clubhouse is that you can only change your name once. I ran into a guy in a room who had his full name “Robert” on his profile. After talking with the people in the room, he said he actually likes phone numbers database free download to be called Robbie, so they implored him to change it on his bio (which makes sense on an audio platform and otherwise).

Get your name right the first time phone numbers database free download and stick with it. Know that you only have one chance to change it, at this time, if needed. Hopefully, you won’t need to. Clubhouse Profile Pic You must have a phone numbers database free download pic up on your Clubhouse profile. It should be your face, not a logo, abstract art, your latest book cover, or your kid’s pic from Facebook. YOU. Ideally, make it a picture that’s phone numbers database free download consistent with the rest of your avatars on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Pro Tip: Make your profile pic punchy. A lot of phone numbers database free download people remove the background and put their pic on a nice bright color (like hot pink, chartreuse, or cerulean) to make it stand out in a room on Clubhouse. I recommend picking something that flows with your current brand palette; especially on Instagram since your Clubhouse bio can (and should) phone numbers database free download connect there. Cpa Email list How long can your Clubhouse bio be? My current bio is about 1,200 characters including spaces (167 words). To test it, I checked to see how many characters phone numbers database free download my bio would allow and it tapped out at 2,438 characters (375 words) for me. Now, just because your bio can be long doesn’t mean it should.


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