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How to Test Your Facebook Ads for Optimal Results

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How to Test Your Facebook Ads for Optimal Results

Want better results from your Facebook ads? how to usa phone number Wondering how to split test your ads? In this article, you’ll learn how to use Facebook’s A/B Testing tool to test your Facebook ads to reveal the best audience, creative, and copy. Discover why it’s important to test your Facebook ads and find a method for testing using Google how to usa phone number Analytics to refine your results. How to Test Your Facebook Ads for Optimal Results featuring insights from Andrea Vahl on the Social Media Marketing Podcast. This article was co-created by Andrea Vahl and Michael Stelzner. how to usa phone number For more about Andrea, scroll to the Key Takeaways at the end of this article.

Why Testing Facebook Ads Is Important how to usa phone number Testing lets advertisers uncover what works best for their ads so they can iterate on that to generate more business or increase their leads—getting better results for less money. To illustrate, Andrea has seen testing lower cost per acquisition how to usa phone number from Often when marketers say that Facebook ads don’t work for them, they simply haven’t tested enough variables or the right variables to accurately determine what’s working and what to improve. They tend to change too many things how to usa phone number at once or lose sight of the one specific adjustment that might make the biggest difference in their results. In either instance, it helps to be both strategic and systematic about testing Facebook how to usa phone number ads.


For an easy-to-follow walkthrough for how to usa phone number split testing your Facebook ads read the article below or watch this video: How to Budget for Testing Facebook Ads The budget you allocate to testing Facebook ads depends on a number of factors such as your niche, your product, the market, the how to usa phone number type of audiences you’re Cpa Email list targeting, and so forth. You should also consider the significance of your results and the cost of your objective as you set your testing budget. To visualize this, you’ll spend more to test ads with a cost per lead of $25, than a cost per how to usa phone number lead of $3.

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