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How to Start a Clubhouse Room and Moderate Like a Pro

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How to Start a Clubhouse Room and Moderate Like a Pro

Are you using the Clubhouse app? Wondering mobile no data provider how to start and moderate an engaging Clubhouse room? In this article, you’ll discover how the pros host and moderate a room on Clubhouse. Learn how to add other moderators, bring people to the stage, mobile no data provider mute people, and more. How to Start a Clubhouse Room and Moderate Like a Pro by Michael Stelzner on Social Media Examiner. To learn how to create and moderate a Clubhouse room, read the article below for an easy-to-follow mobile no data provider walkthrough or for a guided tour of creating and moderating a Clubhouse room, watch the video below. FREE! Detailed Clubhouse Video Tutorial

Let us show you everything you mobile no data provider need to know to master Clubhous Note: This article assumes you’ve set up a profile with Clubhouse app. Read this article to learn how to get started with Clubhouse or watch this video for a comprehensive guide to getting started on Clubhouse. Schedule a mobile no data provider Room on Clubhouse App You can start a room on Clubhouse two ways. You can either schedule a room or spontaneously spin up a room. There are several advantages to scheduling a mobile no data provider room. You get a link to the event that you can share, your followers will be notified (and it shows up on the notifications menu), and you can add a detailed description of the event.


To schedule a room, open the mobile no data provider Clubhouse app and tap on the calendar icon at the top of the screen. On the next screen, tap on the calendar icon with a plus sign on it. Next, you’ll see the New Event screen where you can schedule your event. Improve your marketing confidence and accelerate mobile no data provider your career. Get advanced marketing Cpa Email list training and support in the Social Media Marketing Society! Start by typing an event name, which can be up to 60 characters. mobile no data provider You also have the option to add a co-host to your event. A co-host will be able to cancel, edit, and remove people from the event so be careful about who you assign to this role. And, of course, select the day and time of the event. If you belong to a club, you mobile no data provider have the option to assign the club as well.

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