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How to set up an enamel shop

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How to set up an enamel shop

If you look at the number of salons, greece phone number waxing, brow design, esthetics you will notice that the beauty and body care sector is always growing. And this care for beauty also extends to our hands and feet. Therefore, enamel shops have gained more and more followers. his greece phone number is also reflected in the market: if a few years ago we only found red, pink and light-toned nail polishes on store shelves, today the product’s colors are countless. Not to mention bases, strengtheners, greece phone number dryers, adhesives and other accessories. So, let’s learn a little more about this recent business that has been gaining ground on the greece phone number streets.

An enamel shop is a place that greece phone number specializes in manicure and pedicure services, that is, in the care and beautification of fingernails and toenails, including the application of nail polish. The big advantage of having an enamel shop is that it is a very stable business that offers a steady and greece phone number consistent revenue stream. This is because we are talking about a recurring service It’s very rare that people go to a nail shop once. On the contrary, greece phone number when nails start to lose shape or color, customers tend to return to the establishment to have their nails beautified and cared for again.


Surveys estimate that greece phone number more than 80% of customers return to nail polish for nail maintenance issues. In Brazil, most women perform this maintenance weekly or fortnightly with regard to fingernails, and monthly or bimonthly greece phone number with regard to toenails. Cpa Email list The downside is competition and time constraints. We are talking about time limitation, because an enamel professional can only greece phone number serve a certain number of customers within a day or a week, and this

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