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How to sell with WhatsApp Business

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How to sell with WhatsApp Business

The application has several options that you can use to achieve your business goals, here we tell you how to sell with WhatsApp Business: Text messages. We We are all familiar with this and something that you should keep in mind is that you must be brief and specific in addition to the fact that in your messages you can use emojis to interact with people, do not send long messages. Images. Beebe Be Be careful when sending images, it is not advisable to do it daily, you are not in a family group where you receive these types of messages every day, When you decide on this resource, do it wisely: a promotion, a new product or service, etc.

Voice NotesWhen you send voice notes, these must be clear and specific, avoid silence or mistakes when saying your message. Likewise, try to send a text message before sending the France Mobile Number Database audio, anticipating what it will be about to create interest. This is the most interesting tool, you can share your products or services briefly but with all the necessary information that your clients and prospects require to make a purchase decision. To create a product catalog you must go to Settings> Company Settings> Catalog

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As we mentioned before, it is not only to send a message or an image to all your contacts, with that you only ensure that your account is blocked, here are some points that will surely help you when sending messages: The key is to understand the different contacts you have and label them correctly, and you should also update the label if a prospect has become a customer. If you have more than one CPA Email List product or service, don’t mix them up. Each catalog allows you to put all the necessary information for you to send a complete material Send multimedia messagesTake advantage of everything WhatsApp Business offers. It is not a traditional tool, you must understand that everything you send must have a more personal tone, you can even put emojis as long as you use them wisely.

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