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How to recommend new tools/software to a customer?

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How to recommend new tools/software to a customer?

Recommend tools and software to a client is one of the most sensitive jobs of a consultant . First, buy phone in germany because you need to be able to detect which solution is best suited to your client’s needs. Second, because sometimes the client himself doesn’t know that he actually has this need. And third, because sometimes the client already has a tool that should be meeting this need, but it doesn’t. It is buy phone in germany therefore advisable to interview all users of the current system or all people who would benefit from implementing a new tool. These users – or future users – will be able to identify what is inefficient and annoying in their current processes. Having defined buy phone in germany the problem, it is important that you calculate the costs these problem areas generate.

Because inefficiency often results in unnecessary spending or lost revenue, which can serve as an argumentative basis for your recommendation. buy phone in germany The information verified in relation to your client’s problem(s) will also serve as a basis for defining the most suitable software for that client. 2. Define the prerequisites for the tool and/or software How to recommend new tools/software to a customer? There are a wide range buy phone in germany of products on the market, with solutions designed to meet virtually any need. Therefore, to define the project scope , you must first ask yourself whether the problem is limited to a specific function of an existing system buy phone in germany or a general problem in the organization’s processes.


You will be able to answer this question by looking at the data compiled in the diagnosis performed earlier. If you determine that the problems are, in fact, buy phone in germany confined to a single area and therefore you don’t need to touch the others, it might be a good idea to look for software or application that solves this one-off issue, leaving the rest intact. If, on the contrary, it is a buy phone in germany broader issue, involving the entire current system or several concurrent processes, it is important that there is a single tool package that solves the problem in Cpa Email list a unified and For example, are there buy phone in germany other current systems with which the new software will have to be integrated? How many users should have access to the system? Will the data be stored locally or in the cloud?u may only need to buy phone in germany indicate one or two m

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