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How to Keep Readers Coming Back to Your Blog

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How to Keep Readers Coming Back to Your Blog

Blogs are the most powerful marketing tool what is united kingdom phone number you can use to attract leads and new customers, as well as increase visibility in your marketplace. But what makes one blog successful and another mediocre? The majority of “so-so” blogs lack one or more of four important elements… In this article I what is united kingdom phone number will introduce the CODA system and how it can driven traffic and engagement with your readers. Some bloggers may be writing well, posting relevant and valuable content on a regular basis, but they aren’t encouraging reader interaction. what is united kingdom phone number Or they might have built a blog whose purpose isn’t evident.

Some blogs are difficult to navigate, what is united kingdom phone number making it nearly impossible for readers to find important information. Some look good, but they don’t have frequent or relevant posts. And, most important to the first-time visitor, many blogs lack critical design elements. They offer no way for what is united kingdom phone number busy readers to quickly size them up and decide whether the blog is worth reading. This is where the CODA system comes in, to serve as a guide for bloggers to monitor four elements of their blog and keep it on track as a marketing tool that serves their what is united kingdom phone number business. CODA focuses on Content, Outreach, Design and Action.


C Is for Content The first essential what is united kingdom phone number component to a successful blog is content. It is often said that “content is king” because it is the critical element that will make or break your blog. Always write with your readers in mind. If your posts are not interesting to the people you’re writing for, then they’re not going to come back. Cpa Email list They’re not going to what is united kingdom phone number subscribe. And they’re not going to buy your products or services. Your content is where you have the opportunity to really penetrate your niche market and dominate, to become the de facto authority. When developing content, keep in mind the three E’s of content: what is united kingdom phone number Educate, Entertain an

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