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How to Grow Your Business With Live Video Broadcasts

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How to Grow Your Business With Live Video Broadcasts

Three 30-something guys are surfing The Long Tail and canada phone directory demolishing the boundaries of traditional television broadcasting along the way. Adam Quirk, Erik Nelson, and Aaron Valdez are the sole employees of Wreck & Salvage LLC. In addition to making customized videos for clients, they create a monthly, hour-long canada phone directory online video show called Tricorn. But you won’t find them out on the town, shooting original videos of breaking news stories. They do that occasionally, but they are primarily “remixers” who take snips of existing videos and splice canada phone directory them together to create a mashup.

“The general idea is to create a canada phone directory sort of on-the-fly television station for an hour, in which each of us has a folder full of videos to choose from,” Quirk told Steve Garfield, author of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business. “The entire time, we are interacting with the viewers in the canada phone directory chat room, taking requests, and answering questions. And they have approximately viewers every month. They also use instant messaging to chat with each other during the broadcast, because Adam lives in Brooklyn, Erik lives in Vermont, and Aaron lives in Michigan. canada phone directory When you watch CNN news on your TV, do the producers interact with you while you sit in your living room?


Do they use a chat box to take requests and answer canada phone directory questions? Do they accept amateur videos from “citizen journalists”? They do on their Ustream channel. They’re not actually live-streaming 24/7 yet, but stay tuned. Garfield interviewed Quirk and many other “early adopters” of online video for his book, which is literally a user’s manual Cpa Email list on creating, uploading, canada phone directory distributing and live broadcasting online videos. This is not the kind of book you read on vacation. This is the “bible” of online video production and distribution, written by one of the first canada phone directory guys to put videos on his blog.

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