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How to Discover What’s Trending on Facebook

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How to Discover What’s Trending on Facebook

Since Facebook announced the Open Graph API, the mobile canada number response has ranged from “Facebook is the future of the web” to “Facebook is ending privacy as we know it.” Matt Schlict definitely believes the former. Matt saw Open Graph API as an opportunity to connect people across the web—not just through personal mobile canada number connections, but also by their connection to the most popular content. Instead of waiting for users to browse one of the 100,000 sites using a form of the Open Graph, he decided to post all of the most popular content in one place, mobile canada number on ItsTrending.com.

What Is ItsTrending.com? Itstrending.com is mobile canada number a site that collects all of the content shared via Open Graph, and ranks it by the number of times it has been shared. This guarantees that everything on the site is the most popular content of its kind. Let me give you an official tour: I mobile canada number know what you’re thinking. Reddit.com, StumbleUpon.com and Digg.com all do the same thing, right? On those sites, all the content is physically placed there by individuals then voted on for popularity. Improve your marketing confidence and accelerate your career. Get advanced mobile canada number marketing training and support in the Social Media Marketing Society!


For individuals and brands on social mobile canada number networks looking to boost the quality of the content they share, ItsTrending.com is a lifesaver. No more guessing if your audience will find a particular piece of content relevant/funny/useful, because you’ll have testimonials from thousands mobile canada number of ‘likes’ across the Internet to give Cpa Email list you a good idea of the reaction you’ll get from it. Looking to cash in on being around the popular kids of the Internet? No problem, you can get your site featured on the right side of the page. Just contact Matt if you’re mobile canada number interested.

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