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How to Create Facebook Video Ads People Will Watch

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How to Create Facebook Video Ads People Will Watch

The truth is, the people who want to buy your products active cell phone number list hate ads and they don’t want to see them in their Facebook feed. So if you want to connect with your audience via Facebook video ads, they need to look more native to the platform and less like active cell phone number list commercials. When people are scrolling the feed, your ads should feel more like the content they normally see rather than obviously stick out as ads. Here are two ways to make your Facebook video ads look more active cell phone number list native to the platform so you can capture your audience’s attention and take them on the journey to being buyers.

Up an Interview-Style Facebook Video active cell phone number list Ad This first approach to getting people to watch your Facebook video ads is to incorporate an interview element. But this isn’t a traditional interview video where the subject is looking straight at the camera as they speak. Instead, have the person who’s talking look away from the camera as if someone off-screen is interviewing them. active cell phone number list This interview format can make their narration feel less rehearsed or stilted, which is perfect for a testimonial or an appearance by a company executive. It makes the video more authoritative by design, which results in something that feels more like organic active cell phone number list content when people see it in their Facebook feed.


reate a Text-on-Screen Facebook Ad VideoYou’ve active cell phone number list undoubtedly seen lots of text-on-screen videos on Facebook, where the story is told primarily through video clips and photos that are overlaid with text Improve your marketing confidence and accelerate your career. Get advanced active cell phone number list marketing training and support in the Cpa Email list Social Media Marketing Society! The reason these videos feel so native is that a large percentage of people on Facebook don’t watch video with sound. active cell phone number list When they’re scrolling through the feed, video naturally autoplays. So if you can grab their attention with a strong headline,

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