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How to create a perfect landing page: 9 keys and examples

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How to create a perfect landing page: 9 keys and examples

orry, but before you start you VP Security Email Lists have to know that the perfect landing page does not exist. However, this does not mean that we cannot create a very well optimized landing page that is also a conversion machine . To help you achieve this, in the following lines VP Security Email Lists I share with you the keys to take into account to create a perfect landing page (or almost) and also some examples of landing pages that I consider are very close to perfection. Shall we start? In this sense, the first thing VP Security Email Lists we need to start defining a good landing page is to have information about the context, so we should ask ourselves the following 3 questions:

What is the goal of my VP Security Email Lists landing page? We already know that the main objective of any landing page will always be to convert the maximum number of users who reach it. But … what is the specific action that we want to get these VP Security Email Lists users to do? Is it making a purchase? Download an ebook? Subscribe to a newsletter? Depending on what this objective is, we must define the elements of our landing page in a different way, avoiding VP Security Email Lists including elements that are not oriented to achieve what we propose.

¿Cómo llegan los VP Security Email Lists usuarios a mi landing page y de qué información previa disponen? No es lo mismo definir una landing page para usuarios que llegan a ella a partir de un anuncio que una landing page para usuarios que ya nos conocen y están suscritos a nuestra newsletter. Deberíamos tener siempre VP Security Email Lists este punto claro para poder decidir cómo será nuestra landing page y los elementos que la van a componer. Además, es VP Security Email Lists muy recomendable contar con landings específicas para cada caso, cpa email list en lugar de una landing page general, que nos sirva para todo. De esta forma podemos adaptarlas a cada una VP Security Email Lists de estas situaciones y optimizar al máximo la conversión.

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