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How to conduct a project lessons learned meeting?

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How to conduct a project lessons learned meeting?

A consulting job never ends along with the end of the project implemented by the consultant. german mobile company list Even if the project is completed and/or the new process has already been implemented, the consultant needs to discuss the results with his team. For this purpose, a meeting is scheduled with all the people who german mobile company list participated in the project, in order to analyze the results, noting what worked and what was not in accordance with initial expectations. The objective is to know how to identify the reasons for the differences, in order to improve the service and/or the progress of an upcoming consulting project. These lessons learned from german mobile company list mistakes and challenges will prevent this from happening again in another opportunity.

In general, these lessons also allow for future projects to be optimized in progress and, consequently, completed in less time and with higher quality. In german mobile company list addition, lessons learned meetings are often a great opportunity to encourage a sense of community among team members, which improves communication . But what is the best way to conduct a german mobile company list project lessons learned meeting Promote engagemen ideation How to conduct a project lessons learned meeting? When analyzing the problems faced in order to generate solutions for the next time, it is german mobile company list important that participants are able to develop new ideas.


There are many exercises that german mobile company list promote ideation. You’ll only find out which one works best with your team through trial and error. Here are some useful alternatives: Brainstorming – ideal para pensar em soluções de problemas, pois permite a máxima interação e engajamento entre os german mobile company list participantes. Não há resposta errada no brainstorming. Mas funciona melhor para grupos onde todas as pessoas se sentem à vontade para falar. Brainwriting – quando algumas pessoas ficam german mobile company list constrangidas em falar em público, essa pode ser uma

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