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How Seth Godin Leveraged New Media To Create a Book Firestorm

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How Seth Godin Leveraged New Media To Create a Book Firestorm

I recently interviewed the world’s leading marketing uk phone number expert Seth Godin, author of 11 books (many of them focused on marketing). Some of his more notable books include Permission Marketing, Purple Cow, and Tribes. His most recent bestseller is called Linchpin: uk phone number Are You Indispensable? During this interview, you’ll learn how Seth employed new media to promote his latest book and his thoughts on marketing and social media. Note: Be sure to listen to the complete interview at the bottom of this article Mike: What exactly is a “linchpin” and how do I know if I’m uk phone number one?

Seth: A linchpin is the person we uk phone number can’t live without—the indispensable person who does work that matters, the person who is trying to stand out as opposed to fit in, the one who’s not easily replaceable, the low-paid cog in the giant industrial machine but, in fact, the person whom we seek out uk phone number If someone says, “We’re going to see Bruce Springsteen,” you know that it isn’t going to be someone who’s like Bruce Springsteen performing. It’s going to be “the” Bruce Springsteen I guess the uk phone number question is, “Can someone put the word ‘the’ in front of your name?” You are “the” Michael Stelzner.


Now, thanks to the Internet, uk phone number Google and the way the world is changing, anybody who chooses to become a linchpin can. Mike: Do you think most people who are linchpins know it? Seth: I think that anyone who is at the edge of what they can be doing is doing that on Cpa Email list purpose. They are going uk phone number through the pain and the difficult work and the risk necessary to do their art, to stand out, and to not just be a noisemaker. Mike: Do you think anyone has the potential to become a linchpin or is uk phone number this something that only a small percentage of society will ever achieve?

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