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How One Man Used Social Media to Raise $91,000 for Charity

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How One Man Used Social Media to Raise $91,000 for Charity

For Danny Brown, it wasn’t a sports car, Vegas trip or mobile phone number directory uk marathon run. He was inspired to set a different challenge for himself—to bring people together and raise money for worthy causes. And the response was very unexpected…To mobile phone number directory uk celebrate his 40th, Brown and his wife spent a few days at Niagara Falls. Taking a break at a local café, they noticed an elderly woman come in by herself and order ice cream. Brown wondered about her story. After he and his wife mobile phone number directory uk headed home, Brown couldn’t stop thinking about the lonely-looking woman in the café—and regretted not talking with her.

“Everyone in social media talks about mobile phone number directory uk how we need to connect and open up,” Brown says. “I couldn’t make that connection to the lady we saw in the restaurant. We forget human connections offline. I wanted to make sure that if someone needs help or just a little bit of company,mobile phone number directory uk  that people are reaching out to them.” That a-ha moment kicked off a project that has since raised nearly $100,000 to date—reaching countless people. Improve your marketing mobile phone number directory uk confidence and accelerate your career. Get advanced marketing training and support in the Social Media Marketing Society!


Brown launched the 12for12k Challenge, mobile phone number directory uk an initiative to bring social media communities together to help people offline in 2009. For years, Brown has worked in corporate communications and social media for companies like British Telecom. Currently, he’s the social media mobile phone number directory uk strategist for Maritz Canada. Brown’s challenge takes the power of social media to the nonprofit world. “I know quite a few people offline who do charity work mobile phone number directory uk and the struggle is administrative costs,” he says. “I knew social media could offer a wider audience for far less investment.” The 12for12k Challenge set an Cpa Email list ambitious goal: raise $12,000 monthly for 12 months for 12 different charities—with no budget (the only costs were the website and mobile phone number directory uk hosting, which Brown paid for out of pocket).

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