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How IBM Uses Social Media to Spur Employee Innovation

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How IBM Uses Social Media to Spur Employee Innovation

“Be yourself.” It’s one of the rules of social uk phone number online media. If you’re blogging, tweeting or Facebooking for business, be real—or you won’t be followed. Yet, how do you pull off “authentic” while maintaining the company brand message? It’s tough enough for a small uk phone number online business. What if you’re #2 on Business Week‘s best global brands list, with nearly employees across 170 countries At IBM, it’s about losing control.“We don’t have a corporate blog or a corporate Twitter ID because we want the ‘IBMers’ in aggregate to be the corporate blog and the corporate Twitter ID,” says Adam uk phone number online Christensean, social media communications at IBM Corporation.

“We represent our brand online the way it uk phone number online always has been, which is employees first. Our brand is largely shaped by the interactions that they have with customers.” BM seems to be the Madonna of the corporate world, staying relevant from decade to decade. The first company to build a mainframe computer and help NASA land a man on the moon still holds more uk phone number online patents than any other U.S.-based technology company. As it turns out, its decentralized social media approach is another milestone in the company’s history—driving unprecedented collaboration and uk phone number online innovation.


IBM lets employees talk—to each other and the public—without intervention. With a culture as diverse and distributed as uk phone number online IBM’s, getting employees to collaborate and share makes good business sense. “We’re very much a knowledge-based company. It’s really the expertise of the employee that we’re hitting on,” Christensen says. IBM does have social media guidelines. The employee-created guidelines basically state that IBMers are individually responsible for what they create and prohibit Cpa Email list releasing proprietary information. uk phone number online We don’t police. The community’s largely self-regulating, and so there hasn’t really been a need to have someone go about and circuit these boards and blogs,” Christensen said. “uk phone number online Employees sort

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