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How Best Buy Manages 2100 Employees on Twitter (video)

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How Best Buy Manages 2100 Employees on Twitter (video)

Twelpforce launched at 80% ready to go est how can i get a uk phone number Buy’s social media policy made it possible for 2100 employees to participate in just a few months Peers help how can i get a uk phone number peers to become social media experts They use a simple system with ConnectTweet and the hashtag “#twelpforce” to respond to tweets And here are John’s tip for businesses just starting out on social media Figure out how can i get a uk phone number ways to be social Turn your assets into something social

Expect to have failures; these failures will be how can i get a uk phone number small but your successes will be great In addition to checking out the Twelpforce on Twitter, have a look at both the Best Buy Fan Page on Facebook and their Ideax project to get ideas on how to become more social. It’s easy to see how can i get a uk phone number why John expects Twelpforce to evolve in the future as they engage socially with their customers even more. What do you think about the Twelpforce initiative? What did you come away with after watching this video? What do you think of Best Buy’s social media policy? how can i get a uk phone number Do you have a group of employees using Twitter to represent your business? If so, what tools do you use?


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