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Hollywood Screenwriters Could Go On Strike, Why?

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Hollywood Screenwriters Could Go On Strike, Why?

Information from the Los Angeles Times , revealed that the Hollywood film industry had a 2016 “higher grossing” than any film studio would have dreamed of because films such as Rogue One, Captain United Arab Emirates Mobile Number List America, Finding Dory, Zootopia or The Jungle Book , raised by separated from 300 to 1.3 billion dollars. The world’s largest media companies returned to the negotiating table with Hollywood scriptwriters , seeking to avoid a strike they have announced for May 2 , which if carried out could cost the entertainment industry billions of dollars, as well. like putting out popular TV shows indefinitely. United Arab Emirates Mobile Number List

According to the New York Times, the strike announcement is very serious, which is why NBC and CBS television shows are already scanning their lists of upcoming shows to determine which ones can continue to air without guild writers . Negotiators try to avoid the 100-day strike that took place during 2007 and 2008, which cost the entertainment industry close to 2 billion dollars , however, with Netlix and Amazon today, the losses would triple, because with the OTT platforms , plus television, 455 shows were produced in 2016.

And it is that Netflix and Amazon use the studios that want to go on strike to broadcast in almost 200 countries, while the scriptwriters have their base salary, without commissions, which outrages Brother Cell Phone List the union, because they accuse that “they are being squeezed” , which is illogical, that in times of too much television, scriptwriters earn less. With three weeks to go before the deadline for the film union strike , the partners seem to still have time to negotiate and reach an agreement, since if the unions approve the strike it would be the next week and it would start in Los Angeles and then in New York.

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