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Happy Women’s Day A reflection on the need to defend women’s

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Happy Women’s Day A reflection on the need to defend women’s

You may a priori believe that it is a mistake; buy phone in germany Maybe you think that it is a mistake or that I live in a different calendar than solar because perhaps you are one of those who still think that Women’s Day is simply a few hours that elapse between sunrise buy phone in germany and sunset on March 8, which consists simply of a demonstration full of faces painted purple. Perhaps you feel that this does not suit you, that you are not part of the problem or that the solution depends on “the others”, either because buy phone in germany you are a woman or because you were born a man, but today is also a woman’s day, just like yesterday and the same as tomorrow.

We are a man assuming that there is buy phone in germany still a social and work gap between us and them (and that they can be our mother, our sister, our partner, our friend or our daughter) and that, although we are not always aware, buy phone in germany there is still much to do. moving towards real equality and all of this happens on March 8, yesterday, today and I hope not tomorrow. Because you are more of a man when buy phone in germany you value regardless of gender, when you avoid the use of sexist expressions and when you respect and integrate feminine views on the same level as buy phone in germany masculine ones.


You are a person appreciating differences as buy phone in germany part of what makes us unique and special, understanding that our capabilities are complementary when not the same and that our opportunities must also be, on March 8, yesterday, today and also, this Cpa Email list time, yes, morning. Because buy phone in germany you are more of a person when you educate your children from real equality, from empowerment and the freedom not to walk guided by the stupid stereotypes arising from the buy phone in germany even more stupid human obsession of packing everything in opaque drawers that assign colors, toys or professions to each of the sexes.

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