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The General Data Protection Regulation

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The General Data Protection Regulation

How exactly does this work? Technically, there is no difference between 1st party cookies and 3rd party cookies. Cookies can only be read and handled by the domain that created them. It is only the user’s perspective whether the cookie is 1st or 3rd party. First party cookies First party cookies are placed by the website (with display URL) that you are currently visiting. These are often cookies that have a technical meaning, for example to remember that you are logged in. But the cookies from Google Analytics are also 1st party. This is because Google Analytics separates the data of each visitor per domain.

General Data Protection Regulation

Because websites place scripts from external parties on their website, these scripts are able to set and read cookies on these websites. If this script is loaded again on another website, the same cookie can be read. The system recognizes Uganda Phone Number that it is the same user who visits these two websites. So these scripts or pixels play a vital role and are in fact the real power of using 3rd party data. Are there also 2nd party cookies? Yes, of course. Think, for example, if a website places cookies from its sister company. But in practice, this term is hardly used. Anti-cookies sentiment Why are there such strong objections to the use of 3rd party cookies? Imagine: you are in an offline store of chain X. You walk around and look at the shelves. Meanwhile, a camera registers and stores every movement you make in the store.


Data Protection Regulation

A few days later you visit a store of chain Y. The system uses data from store X and recognizes you as a potential buyer. The same story also plays out when you visit shop Z an hour later. It’s all fictional, but hopefully you get the point. At the moment, advertisers and publishers are still very dependent on cookie technology. And consumers often have no idea how often data is shared between parties. There are scenarios where consumers may benefit from a healthy and profitable relationship between advertiser and publisher. Think of websites that you visit daily and that have a high quality of content. For example, a news website about your hobby or a good review website about series and films that you often check.

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