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Galicians in Galicia: The Instagram account that “hunts” the casual style of Galicians

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Galicians in Galicia: The Instagram account that “hunts” the casual style of Galicians

Three girls from Santiago de Compostela and german phonenumbers Ferrol created this profile in order to show the “personality” of citizens when it comes to dressing and they have already photographed numerous looks that leave no Galicians have style and this is reflected in german phonenumbers the Galicians Instagram profile in Galicia , where anonymous people are “hunted” wearing the most casual clothes . The people in charge of this page share the streetwear look of the citizens accompanied by the location with the place where the german phonenumbers photo was taken and a small description of the clothes.

Paloma, Paola and Claudia are three friends german phonenumbers of Ferrol and Santiago de Compostela who have always liked fashion . This led them to follow accounts such as Londoners in London or Parisiens in Paris, an idea that german phonenumbers they loved and that they wanted to transfer to the Galician community. Paloma explains that, at first, they thought of doing it from Ferrol (where both she and Paola come from), german phonenumbers but they spend most of their time in A Coruña, so dedicating a streetwear profile to Galicia seemed more appropriate.


“We started uploading photos and the first days it was super german phonenumbers good, a lot of people started following us,” explains Paloma. The success continued to increase after taking a photo of the designer Laura Tønder , who became interested in his project . Precisely, she is the Cpa Email list protagonist of the german phonenumbers first questionnaire The 31 questions with which the creators of the page want to bring the world of fashion closer to giving voice to its protagonists.


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