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Galicia: The time between seams

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Galicia: The time between seams

Between seams. This is how I spend 8 hours of my week thanks to the how to type a german phone number opportunity that the Nanos team ( www.nanos.es ) has given me to collaborate with them in strengthening their digital marketing strategy. I spend it like a dwarf discovering a magical world that has gone from being simply a way of covering the shame of how to type a german phone number Adam and Eve to becoming a descriptive symbol of status or personal aspirations, while I know inside a brand that has been wearing since more than 60 years ago to the kings and princesses of the house (figuratively and also how to type a german phone number literally).

I can’t get one of my first essential how to type a german phone number memories out of my head, seeing my mother with a wooden ruler bigger than me and a pink chalk, marking clothes for cutting on our kitchen table. I remember gawking at her and admiring her ability to see a future pants from a frayed scrap while she drew lines on a plane, with a firmer pulse than a neurosurgeon, being the how to type a german phone number best architect, draftsman and engineer in the world and also my mother. In reality, she, like thousands of other Galician women born in the postwar period and the dictatorship, did not have any official title, but she received her doctorate cum laude from the university how to type a german phone number of the neighbor closest to her town, which instructed all girls in dressmaking.


from the surroundings. This is how, between the how to type a german phone number 70s and the 90s, Galicia made a name for itself in the complex world of clothing, thanks to several generations trained in the art of clothing and thanks also to a group of visionary designers who set the trends of a society that how to type a german phone number how to type a german phone number each time he gave greater importance to his clothing, with names Cpa Email list such as Adolfo Domínguez , Purificación García , Roberto Verinoor other clearly Galician surnames that, under the pseudonym of brands such as Montoto or Nanos himself, carried the savoir faire of Galician sewing to the whole world.

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