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Galicia Coronavirus: Annual minimum of 69 infections and 1,851 active cases

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Galicia Coronavirus: Annual minimum of 69 infections and 1,851 active cases

The coronavirus continues to remit in Galicia day after day germany phone and today we not only reached a new minimum of active cases in 2021, as yesterday and the day before , but also a minimum of new cases, only 69, the icing on the cake for a week in which new germany phone coronavirus diagnoses have fallen drastically again . From Monday to Sunday, 620 new cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed, an average of less than 90 a day and 230 less than the germany phone 850 of last week. It is the best week since

The hospital situation worsens compared to germany phone yesterday, with the same admitted, but 2 more in the ICU and 2 less in the ward. The total number of patients is 33 people less than seven days ago. A week ago there were 117 hospitalized in Galicia divided into 89 ward patients and 28 ICU germany phone patients, and today there are 84 in total, with 69 on the ward and the other 15 in the critical care unit (2 more than yesterday). Vigo, Santiago de Compostela and A Coruña are the most affected germany phone areas. Santiago registers 10 infections and drops to 324 active cases.


New infections are less than yesterday (from 106 to germany phone 69) and 55 less than the 124 of last Sunday. Vigo is the most affected health area in Galicia with 488 active cases, and Pontevedra is the city with Cpa Email list the highest incidence, germany phone with 83. A Coruña is now the one with the lowest incidence with 47 Active cases drop from 1,945 to 1,851, a drop from 94 germany phone infected. Hospitalized people remain at 84, 33 less than a week ago.

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