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Fun Social Media Promos Feed Souplantation Customer Frenzy

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Fun Social Media Promos Feed Souplantation Customer Frenzy

Imagine marveling at Peru’s Machu Picchu get a uk phone number ruins, and a guy nearby asks if you’ll take his picture. But it’s not just him; he’s proudly holding a paper cutout of a smiling tomato What, exactly, inspired this traveler to carry a cartoon tomato to get a uk phone number one of the wonders of the world In a word, fun. He’s just one of nearly 140 people who vacationed with the tomato, named “Sweetie.” These fans of the restaurant Souplantation, or Sweet Tomatoes in some markets, were enthusiastically participating in the chain’s latest social media promotion, “get a uk phone number Where’s Sweetie?”

Organization: Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes get a uk phone number Social Media Tools Used: A single monthly promotion boosted fan numbers by 400%. The company and its agency only spend 3-5 hours every week on social media interaction. Exclusive social media coupons boost single-day sales get a uk phone number revenue. Each month, a new, creative Facebook and Twitter campaign inspires customers to do something equally interactive, from constructing faces out of salad to photographing their best lemon pucker faces. “There is definitely an element of fun that’s really required,” get a uk phone number explained Crosby Noricks, social media strategist at Red Door Interactive ,


the firm that coordinates the get a uk phone number company’s social media activity. “A campaign itself doesn’t need to be supremely complex, and oftentimes it’s better to do something that requires just a guess at a number or a quick photo snap.” Improve your marketing confidence and accelerate your get a uk phone number career. Get advanced Cpa Email list marketing training and support in the Social Media Marketing Society! The creative approach has paid off. In just eight short months, the company’s social media recipe has get a uk phone number netted nearly 30,000 Facebook fans and 8,500+ Twitter followers – along with social media-driven revenue.


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