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Cookies From Marketing Platforms

Facebook will initially set this up for businesses automatically based on what they think are appropriate events for your business. Of course, as a marketer, you don’t want to lose control. That is why they have indicated that you will soon be able to adjust these events yourself via a new tab in the events manager. Suppose a user has added something to his shopping cart, later also bought the product and the events ‘add to cart’ & ‘purchase’ have been sent to Facebook. Then only the conversion event ‘purchase’ ( purchase ) will be reported. PANIC! What should I do? If there’s one thing we know for sure in life, it’s that change is the only constant. Especially in our beautiful marketing profession.

From Marketing Platforms

Here are some practical things you (or your team) can do right away to limit the impact. 1. Set Conversions API (also works with adblockers) Not easy. Essential. Facebook ‘s conversions API is an alternative to the Facebook pixel and allows you to send conversions to Facebook. The API does not work from the browser, but from your own server . This means you are no longer dependent on cookies. Example: suppose someone Vietnam Phone Number buys a product through your website or contacts you via a form. There is a good chance that your Facebook pixel now registers these events in the browser of customers. Only if they block cookies (as is the case with the iOS 14 update or an ad blocker on the computer), Facebook can no longer process this data. In other words, you can no longer measure exact results and Facebook has a harder time optimizing your campaigns.


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The conversions API is a solution, because it can send the conversion events to Facebook without adblockers or iOS updates having an impact on this. That’s because the events are sent from your server. The big advantage of this is that Facebook can optimize your campaigns with this data and you can measure results better. Make sure that your cookie notification and privacy policy are up-to-date and that you only send data to Facebook that people have given permission for. 2. Verify your domain with Facebook (essential) This is an absolute must . By verifying your domain, Facebook’s machines know which domain or website belongs to your business manager. Facebook itself has announced that they are recommending all advertisers to do this, in order to avoid difficulties setting up the conversion events. So there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to optimize specific conversion events if you don’t do this. You can easily do this yourself.

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