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Facebook Ad Testing on a Budget: A Proven Method

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Facebook Ad Testing on a Budget: A Proven Method

Looking for a process to test Facebook ads? telephone list usa Wondering how to test Facebook ads without blowing your ad spend? In this article, you’ll discover a proven Facebook ad testing method designed for small budgets and discover which metrics will help you telephone list usa identify successful ad components. Facebook Ad Testing On a Budget: A Proven Method by Tara Zirker on Social Media Examiner. To learn how to test Facebook ads on a budget, read the article below for an easy-to-follow walkthrough or watch the telephone list usa video below.

Focus Your Testing on 3 Facebook telephone list usa Ad Components Many businesses think they can’t be successful with Facebook and Instagram ads on a small budget. But with this testing method, you can typically get a really good ad with a budget of about for testing. And you should be able to complete telephone list usa all of your testing in a 7- to 10-day period If you have a bigger budget, great! You can expand your testing timeline and budget. The caveat would be that if you have an eCommerce business, telephone list usa you might want to increase your timeline and testing budget quite a bit.


Of all the Facebook ad elements you telephone list usa could test, here are three that really move the needle on your ads. Test Your Facebook Ad Copy The first element to test is your Facebook ad copy. You want to test three lengths of ad copy. The first is short copy of one to two sentences, which could be a little punchy if you telephone list usa want. The second is medium length of three to Cpa Email list four sentences, possibly a little longer. And the last copy length to test is long copy. This would be a couple of paragraphs or as telephone list usa long as it takes to tell the story. Test Your Facebook Ad Visuals The next Facebook ad element you want to test is visuals—images, GIFs, and videos, or any telephone list usa combination.

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