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Marketing Ensures That the Market

Google Ads requires even more textual, data feed, and visual input and is completely independent in creating content. Google Ads uses your entered content and will not only compile ads, it will also create new content! How to set up Performance Max? As mentioned, Performance Max runs as a completely new form of advertising within Google Ads. Google has already developed a handy tutorial with which you can already take the first steps: I have a few more tips that can help you successfully roll out Performance Max: 1. Provide input Make sure you provide as much input as possible to Google – so basically how you already do this for RSAs and Smart Shopping: Performance Max – assets Performance Max – assets Even if you don’t have all the input, such as YouTube videos, Google creates and comes up with content that contributes to conversions or your predetermined goal. 2.

Ensures That the Market

Get your data feed in order Performance Max does not only work by providing a lot of input, but also through well-written texts, images and of course a data feed. I would recommend getting your data feed in order first using a tool like Channable . Make sure that the basics are correct by filling in all fields completely and enriching the titles and descriptions where possible. 3. Collect ‘audiences’ Collect as many ‘audiences’ as possible in advance New Zealand Phone Number and make sure your conversion tracking is in order. You can enter this input at asset level, which Google uses to further optimize. 4. Create different asset groups Depending on the amount of pages or articles your website has, you can create different asset groups: Performance Max – asset groups Performance Max – asset groups “In the past” you wanted to have many specific ad groups under campaigns in Google Ads (the SKAG method), but ad groups no longer exist in Performance Max.


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This is being replaced in some kind of variant with asset groups. We tested for a webshop with only one asset group. The results are more than good. At another webshop we did use several asset groups and here the algorithm seems to perform less well. Tip: For your own website/webshop, check carefully what you do or do not want to be shown. Or which product groups you want to test with Performance Max. Just like you designed a campaign structure ‘in the past’ (number of campaigns, number of asset groups, budgets per campaign), you can of course also do this with Performance Max. Also read: Google Ads in 2022: prepare for these 5 trends 5. Provide a benchmark Keep your standard text ad and/or Google Shopping campaign up and running so you can benchmark the difference. 6. Keep the basics in order Performance Max is not a panacea.

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