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Email marketing 20 key statistics

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Email marketing 20 key statistics

Much is said and written about email marketing and its benefits … and you may have asked VP Quality Email Lists yourself more than once “how much of all this is true? If your clients have email, then you have the unique opportunity to reach them by speaking directly, from you to you. VP Quality Email Lists And email marketing statistics tell us that they surely do: according to Statista data, 3,930 million people were email users in 2019 , a figure that is expected to reach 4,371 in 2023 The number of emails sent VP Quality Email Lists continues to grow as well. In 2019, 293.6 billion emails were sent every day (every day!) And statistics estimate that in 2023 this figure could reach 347.3 billion, VP Quality Email Lists which is 18.29% more.

But … email is not equivalent to email marketing , right? If you’ve ever wondered if your VP Quality Email Lists customers want to receive commercial emails, the answer is that … it depends, of course – it depends on whether the email is useful and attractive, that it is well written, etc. But if you know how to be VP Quality Email Lists relevant, the most recent email marketing statistics would tell you yes: they want to receive your emails. In fact, email marketing is the channel of choice for 46% of consumers (Only Influencers / DMA) . In comparison, only 26% and 24% would respectively prefer a post VP Quality Email Lists or a communication in person. But that your customers prefer email marketing to other channels does not mean that they have to like everything you send. VP Quality Email Lists Not much less that they are going to buy.

That is why it is important to qualify this data with another key statistic: 86% of consumers VP Quality Email Lists affirm that more than half of the emails they receive are not useful .This figure is very high … what do you think it means? Everything indicates that consumers feel VP Quality Email Lists comfortable with email marketing, despite the fact that most of the emails they receive are highly improvable and have not cpa email list been sent with their interest in mind. Quite a suspense for email marketers in the usefulness VP Quality Email Lists course.

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