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Why Should Marketers Use It and How to Make It Effective and Easy

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Why Should Marketers Use It and How to Make It Effective and Easy

Snapchat launched storytelling content in 2013, and the world has been waiting for a new type of content to grow. Some experts thought the story wouldn’t be so successful, but the snapchat story made a big bang. Just months after Snapchat Story launched its content, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg offered to buy the app for $ 3 billion, but Snapchat declined, citing growth. Three years later, in August 2016, I had stories on my Instagram app . Six months later, WhatsApp had a story . Finally, in March 2017, Facebook announced its feature function and decided to end its war with snapchat. Even when Facebook introduced the story to only 10 percent of its active users, or 1.45 billion users, Statista found that it had overtaken snapchat . Connor Hayes, Facebook stories manager, said: “People are posting more pictures and videos than text.

Why Can’t Marketers Miss the Facebook Story

That, in turn, is changing the way people interact with each other online. ” He added, “The beginning of this change was Snapchat.” Facebook Story Compliance Directors Email Lists replaces Newsfeed In January 2018, Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s Director of Newsfeed, said that “Facebook will be a channel for meaningful communication between individuals, not a bulletin board to deliver all the information.” Facebook’s chief executive confirmed this, saying, “When browsing Facebook’s newsfeed, users will see more personalized content than ads and business posts.” We also have a Facebook Algorithm on how businesses can adapt to this change : What should social media marketers look for? explained in detail in the article.

How to Make a Story on Your Facebook Page

Compliance Directors Email Lists

Why can’t marketers miss the Facebook story? Currently, the number of active users of the story has reached 150 million, and this number is expected to grow. In addition, the story disappears after 24 hours, giving users the impression that it is new and worth trying every day. Stories are the perfect way to share real-time content. Storis’s ability to share the reality of this relationship is one of his most compelling secrets. 94% of consumers are likely to be loyal to brands that offer full transparency. How to make a story on your facebook page? Leaders with page admin and editor privileges can create stories. So you need to check your page management rights first.

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