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Discover the trends that will strengthen the industry in 2019

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Discover the trends that will strengthen the industry in 2019

In 2018, the industry grew 1.3%, and get a german mobile number completely reversed the scenario of years of recession in the sector. This year, optimism continues, as the forecast for growth is around 3% in 2019 according to the CNI (National Confederation of Industry) . At a time get a german mobile number of expansion, companies invest in ways to innovate their processes, with a greater number of technologies, which are capable of delivering the best product to customers. nufacturing, automation is an industrial process responsible for using different get a german mobile number technologies in the operation, that is, it works on the use of high-tech machinery and equipment to optimize the

One of the most prominent sectors is the car industry. The evolution of automation in the get a german mobile number automobile industry is very large in activities such as painting and welding, where there is a large presence of machines and robots. get a german mobile number Therefore, investing in the automation of these processes keeps the operation of industries more productive. he decrease in costs in various sectors of the industry is highly significant. The get a german mobile number flexibility and autonomy of work of the machines on the production line optimizes the stock and, through production software, manages to spend enough for each product get a german mobile number used,


One of the main problems get a german mobile number in the industry is the large number of projects, with long delivery times. This results in a decrease in metrics, indicators and year retrospectives, causing product deliveries to suffer. That’s why it has Big Data , a virtual reporting Cpa Email list and analysis program that collects all product delivery information. This system is just one get a german mobile number example of the change a company must make to adopt industry automation. If you restrict the technology only in the operating sector, there get a german mobile number will be logistical problems in delivery . Thus, the solution is to integrate all the company’s processes, aiming to deliver quality products that meet the customer’s wishes at the best possible cost. Operate in a lean, optimized way in get a german mobile number production,

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