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Digital Marketing: Obstacles in Current Strategies

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Digital Marketing: Obstacles in Current Strategies

The digital marketing is a natural part of all current strategy. It has undergone major changes in recent years and strategies have evolved in this industry. Its growth is undeniable and accelerated, as shown by the figures projected by eMarketer, in which it is estimated that the investment would reach 229,250 million dollars this 2017 in the world. One of Argentina Mobile Number List the characteristics that empowers digital marketing is the ease with which it can be measured , something vital for today’s marketer and entrepreneur. However, there are two obstacles that prevent digital strategies from offering full certainty of their effectiveness. These promote that every year up to 60 percent of the budget that advertisers allocate to the digital environment is wasted globally, according to figures from Proxima .Argentina Mobile Number List

First, there are the current measurement conditions, which brands are increasingly doubting, even becoming an international issue in recent weeks, which put YouTube and Facebook in trouble. It should be remembered that investment in digital advertising worldwide could reach $ 229.2 billion in 2017, according to projections released by Statista. Emilio Serra, Head of Data at Havas , explained to Merca2.0 that the quality of the impact is not always adequate and that the quality of this information is not controlled. “With technological advancement, we must move as quickly as possible towards having real metrics that give the recommendations we give to brands a greater probability of success and thus have a better marketing strategy,” he said. In fact, digital marketing aims to include interaction with consumers, through platforms. For example, in Havas there are practices such as crossing outdoor advertising with Waze.

The second obstacle is relying on the data obtained from the digital part, the practice of which should be supported by extensive consumer research. Data, research and precise techniques would be the right tools to counteract the inaccuracies of the current data. It is a rare practice, since only 16 percent of marketers track the results of their cross-channel actions daily, while 23.2 percent of them do so each month. Overcoming these industry challenges is essential, as digital marketing is essential for marketers. Technology should be vigilant in fixing the aforementioned shortcomings. “We must begin to see how this entire digital part intersects with other strategies, to be able to offer birthright brands an optimal combination of those media that are within our reach and thus improve their KPI’s”, Serra concluded.

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