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Potential Customers Become Even More

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Potential Customers Become Even More

This is exactly why you pitch your offer in your webinar. You have the full attention of your viewer at that moment. You have included them in your story and addressed their emotional brain. This is similar to what movies do in a movie theater. That’s why you want to ‘reward’ those viewers. You want to give them something. Consciously or unconsciously, they even wait for it. Also read: 12 video formats for an indelible first impression of your company If you don’t do this and you send an email with your offer after the webinar? Then you will see that the conversion is much lower. How do I know? You hear it said from your own experience, but also from other entrepreneurs. So make sure you reward your viewers with a fantastic deal.

Customers Become Even More

Are more and more potential customers finding your online store? The next step is to improve the conversion of your webshop. Personalization plays an important role in optimizing your conversion rate. In this article I zoom in on what eCommerce Taiwan Phone Number personalization is and what it can offer you. Ecommerce Personalization Definition By personalization in e-commerce we mean addressing potential customers personally. There are several ways to apply personalization. It is important that potential customers become even more involved with your online store and recognize themselves in what you offer. For example, do the brands on the homepage of your webshop match the budget of the average visitor? Does a visitor usually opt for the cheaper brands, or is he or she looking for expensive products? It’s just an example of a question you can ask yourself.


Become Even More

Personalized (landing) pages for your visitors An important component in the application of personalization within e-commerce is the creation of personalized (landing) pages for visitors. You need data to get to these pages. Lots of dates! Where does a visitor come from? How does a visitor normally move around your website? Which products are visitors from specific areas most interested in? Based on this information, you can use smart software to provide pages with personal product recommendations. These products fit what is within the interests of a potential customer. Show recently viewed items Displaying recently viewed items is similar to implementing personal product recommendations. You don’t need smart software to use this form of e-commerce personalization. This function is often standard in the webshop software that you use to build and maintain your webshop.

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