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Corrupt Politicians Highlighted With Marketing And A Little Color

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Corrupt Politicians Highlighted With Marketing And A Little Color

Marketing strategies aimed at exposing corrupt politicians are not new. From social media actions to point of sale activations they have been common tools of marketing strategists. According to TRACE International, 60 percent of the countries are at risk of engaging in corruption, the concern has been felt — especially — in South America. For example, the Chilean Kenya Mobile Number List newspaper El Ciudadano launched with the help of PROLAM Y&R, Santiago, Chile in 2016 an initiative to turn recent political scandals into children’s stories . In that country 8 out of 10 inhabitants believe that it is a corrupt country and 50% think that corruption will be much greater in the coming years. The South American state faces a gloomy outlook due to the loss of confidence in politicians due to a lack of values. Kenya Mobile Number List

Now it is Brazil’s turn with a campaign focused on creating greater awareness of the levels of corruption of politicians through technological innovation. The Reclame Aqui Institute , a Brazilian online platform that looks at the reputations of companies and brands, has recently expanded its reach to include politicians as well. The goal of the new strategy is to educate voters in Brazil to make informed decisions when voting. The institute’s desire is to improve Brazil’s troubled political context. The digital marketing action devised by Gray Brasil and creative directors Rafael Gonzaga and Bruno Brux combines technology with academia to feed an online database with versatile information about the participation of politicians in legal matters. The complex legal system of the South American country had complicated the delivery of this type of information in the past. Through a Chrome plug-in , the browser of any Brazilian user is transformed into a transparency and research tool.

When hovering the cursor over the name of a politician – present in the database – a small modal box with the legal status is displayed . The decision on whether they are corrupt politicians or not is left to the Internet user; however, the information is already at hand. Under the name The Brother Cell Phone List Color of Corruption, the digital marketing action facilitates access to information by giving transparency to corruption and potential illegal activities by political officials. According to Gray Brasil, in its current version, “Color of Corruption’s online database monitors 594 high-level politicians within the Federal Legislature, including all federal senators and deputies. Over time, new names and categories of politicians will be included with the goal of monitoring 100% of all federal and state departments of the Brazilian Legislature in the 2018 elections, totaling 1,708 elected officials. “

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