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Should You Target Competitive Keywords?

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Should You Target Competitive Keywords?

So the solution is simple: you have to target both and it will depend on your activity. Well, nothing new so far. Why should you target both? In fact there will be two SEO strategies. One that will target the most competitive keywords, and the other that will target what are called long tail keywords. The long tail is car” is a competitive keyword. OK ? Or “buy car” for example. So the idea here is really going to be to identify which keywords will generate traffic on your site and which are therefore much sought after. And there you will bring out keywords with search volumes of several hundreds, or thousands, or tens of thousands of monthly searches, and therefore it will often be very competitive terms.

Think of all the possibilities

Think of all the possibilities Have a strong page to showcase your business You can imagine that there are more people looking for a car than a red car with a silver rear view mirror. So your strategy will be different to get positioned on each of these types of keywords. That is to say that on your site you will have to have strong pages Thailand Phone Number List which will perhaps present your new cars and your used cars if we take this example of cars. And so someone who is going to type in “buy new cars”, which is a bit more precise than “car”, “car” is much too broad for it to be interesting. We don’t really know what the person is looking for, maybe it’s just pictures of cars, whereas “purchase new car”, we know that the person is looking for a purchase.

Create articles to showcase more specific products

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And so on your site you will need to have a page on which you present your activity as a new car seller. And so it is on this page that the Internet user will. So this page must have the appropriate content to answer this question from a user who is “buying a new car”. Create articles to showcase more specific CPA Email List products not stop in time. If there is a date, for example ‘what is the best car in 2019? “, well, inevitably in 2020 this content will no longer be relevant. So you really have to, for those who are from a SEO point of view, you really have to make articles that can last over time.

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