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Como negar projetos ou clientes?

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Como negar projetos ou clientes?

Are you afraid to say no to a german phone book search customer for fear of the consequences for your business? Well then, it’s good to keep in mind that saying yes when you know you won’t be able to deliver the project he needs can be much worse! It’s true that we’re in tough economic german phone book search times, rising from the downturns of recent years, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept the offers of everyone who walks through your door. It’s not unprofessional to turn down a job. However, there are always better ways to do this. Your communication german phone book search with the customer needs to be as positive and complete as possible, so that you don’t run the risk of compromising your image.

ng one can’t be frustrating german phone book search or painful, and that there are better and worse ways to do it. So try to reduce the impact as much as possible. Speaking softly, like someone who owes your customer satisfaction, can keep your customer german phone book search from getting angry at you. Use phrases like “I would love to work with you, but this is not my consulting area”, “unfortunately I’m already german phone book search committed to another project at the moment”, “my schedule is full until (date), can we talk after that?”, or something like that.


Another tip is to start the german phone book search denial with a kind of apology and end with an indication that things may be different in the future and that you hope to have the opportunity to work on another project later on. Cpa Email list But only say that if it’s german phone book search true, ok? roject at that moment (or never, if that’s your case). Remember that if this person came to you, it’s because they need help to german phone book search some important goal – and your job as a consultant is precisely to allow your clients to achieve the results they expect.

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