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Community Management Software

We live in the digital age and technology advances at such a rapid pace that, many times, we do not even notice it, so constant changes, new forms of management and training are the order of the day. Daily dynamics have been transformed in such a way that today absolutely everything revolves around what we do, share and consume on the internet through digital platforms. For this reason, generating quality content is as important for brands as keeping up-to-date in the use of tools that allow their positioning in the digital world.

Currently, the figure of the Community Manager is fundamental, since this professional is in charge of establishing the connection between brands and audiences. That is the Singapore Phone Number List reason why more and more companies are looking for those who are in charge of managing their social networks, a job that would be impossible without the use of technology. Hence, the work of the Community is so in demand not only to sell but also to create links, build trust and build customer loyalty with brands.

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It is a task that requires time, organization and strategic vision to achieve that connection that goes beyond the sale of a product. In this, the use of tools – free and paid – is essential and professionals have endless opportunities in them to achieve the expected scope. Here we share a list of the applications that a Community Manager cannot miss :allows you to schedule both the day and the time of your posts · CPA Email List  Facilitates the scheduling of content on various social networks simultaneously. Up to a total of 1000 posts can be programmed with this app · Instagram stories can also be programmed from Positron ·

With the tool it is possible to include a watermark on published images · The platform offers information on the scope of interactions · It has the option to try the free version for a month · These are the paid plans: 8 USD for the personal plan / 24 USD for the entrepreneur plan / 59 USD for the corporate plan / 169 USD for the company.

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