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Chicago Pizza Guy Creates Social Media ‘Domino’ Effect

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Chicago Pizza Guy Creates Social Media ‘Domino’ Effect

When it comes to social media, it takes a lot to impress uk phone number database Amy Korin. Her resume includes digital strategy for global companies like Procter & Gamble, General Motors, Sun Microsystems and Zappos. But her local Domino’s Pizza joint uk phone number database left her “completely shocked. On a rainy Sunday night, her Domino’s Pizza order took an hour to arrive and then was the wrong pizza. She turned to Twitter to vent: “hardly any uk phone number database room for human error, but still a mistake.”

Korin in turn shared it with friends, uk phone number database family and contacts across her social networks. “Pandora’s pizza box had been opened,” she said. To further wow her, DeLeon provided pizza for 350 people at the Chicago Social Media Club, an organization DeLeon was initially unaware that Korin was involved in. “Ramon successfully kept my business, and his professionalism, timeliness uk phone number database and attention to every customer is what keeps me coming back for more,” says Korin, founder of interactiveAmy.com Social Media Consultancy. To date, the video apology has been embedded more than 87,000 times (the number of times the video’s uk phone number database HTML code has been pasted in online). A Google blog search brings it up on countless blogs in dozens of languages.

It’s just one example of how self-proclaimed uk phone number database “pizza guy” DeLeon has built his business in a competitive pizza city like Chicago. “Using the tools of social media, I’ve been able to put Domino’s pizza on the social media radar map in Chicago,” says DeLeon. hank-you goes a long way, especially if it’s sharable like video. When the Domino’s sales Cpa Email list  week ends each Sunday night, no uk phone number database matter how good the week before was, DeLeon can’t stand a register that reads There are people awake at 1 or 2 am and they’re not eating my pizza!” says DeLeon. “I start thinking of uk phone number database hospitals, police departments, fire departments

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