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Chatbots, a way to make resources more efficient for brands

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Chatbots, a way to make resources more efficient for brands

The chatbots are the tools that become trend in internet because more and more common in everyday life in the digital world, to the extent that many users do not realize that interact with one, because there are already many commercial firms and incorporated into various services. Its Hong Kong Mobile Number List growth is gaining ground to levels that for some analysts the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next step (or hand in hand) to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data . These three factors will undoubtedly be decisive in the future. In the case of AI, a study signed by Markets and Markets estimates that by 2020, this market will have a value of 5 billion dollars that will reach practically all economic sectors. Hong Kong Mobile Number List

But, its implementation in tools such as chatbots, in addition to implying a technological change in the relationship with the client -one that many brands are already implementing-, will also represent an alternative to make resources more efficient. This is projected by an analysis carried out by Juniper Research, in which it is estimated that this type of AI-based assistants will represent savings for the industry of up to 8 billion dollars by 2022 , a substantial jump if it is considered that they currently represent an apparent savings of just 20 million.

According to the data analysis and research firm, the banking and health sectors will benefit the most , but the retail and services sector could be others, we have already seen some successful cases. Large technology companies know the market potential of chatbots, which is why during the Brother Cell Phone List last year we saw the consolidation of the platforms of giants such as Facebook, Google, IBM Interconnect and Microsoft, without forgetting Amazon . Today we know them through platforms focused on Customer Service Services, such as Twitter, Uber, Evernote, Pizza Hut and Airbnb , but Wunderman projections indicate that by the end of the decade, that is, by 2020, close to 90 percent. Hundreds of the largest companies in the world will use chatbots for their customer service.

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