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Champions League final: Chelsea beat Manchester City

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Champions League final: Chelsea beat Manchester City

None of that has been cheap. It is not possible to calculate precisely how much it all cost, but it has cost not far from a couple of billion dollars, at the very least, to Democratic Donor Email Lists transform a football team that was synonymous with disappointment into a gleaming team. publicity for the modernity and expertise of its sponsors. It has worked. Under Pep Guardiola, City have become the dominant force in English football. For three of the last five years, they have probably, by most metrics, been the best team in Europe, whatever that means, actually: the most complete and the most consistent, the one with the most roof. high It is a constancy that has always eluded

Chelsea, always too turbulent, too impatient, too comfortable with change. And it has been achieved by translating the control that defines the club into its style of play. Guardiola wants not only to have possession of the ball, but to have ownership of the space itself: to dictate where the passes go and where the players go. Everything, every meticulously selected piece of the puzzle, had been made with this moment in mind. The Champions League represents the maximum fulfillment not only of Guardiola’s vision, but also that of City.

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It is the justification for all that investment, the vindication of all those ideas and it is a reward for doing all those things well. There is only one flaw. Success is not a formula. Not this kind of success, anyway, success that relies on an alignment of the stars cpa email list  and the brush of green and the minutiae of countless little moments. That is the undeniable and untamed nature of sport – that, in the end, there is always something you cannot account for, something you cannot control. That sometimes things don’t go the way they should.

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