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Building Your Business One Tweet at a Time: Twitter Marketing 101

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Building Your Business One Tweet at a Time: Twitter Marketing 101

“You want me to use Twitter to market my australia mobile no business?” I hear you asking. “How do I generate leads and promote my business by telling my friends what I had for lunch?” Yes, many people just use Twitter to share their day with their friends. Friends who australia mobile no may live 2,000 miles away And some people use it to broadcast a breaking news story as it happens. Like the time a plane crash-landed in the Hudson River. A man in a nearby boat with an iPhone got the “scoop” on that story before the news media reported it “That’s certainly dramatic,” you say. “But how do I create a marketing australia mobile no message in only 140 characters?”

Twitter Marketing For DummiesYou australia mobile no can start by buying Twitter Marketing For Dummies by Kyle Lacy. Yes, there’s a Dummies book about Twitter marketing now The whole point of social media — of which Twitter is part — is to find your satisfied customers and encourage them to recommend australia mobile no you to their friends and relatives. In social media terminology, this is called finding product evangelists And it’s so easy to do this on Twitter Twitter Marketing Made Eas Sign up at Twitter.com. It’s free! Create a profile for your business. Use the search feature to find messages australia mobile no about your company, products, or services. Wait a minute!” you say.


Yes! And suppose your search of the Twitter australia mobile no archives for your company name or product names pulls up the following message “Just bought. Can’t get it to work! Help! Improve your marketing confidence and accelerate your career. Get advanced marketing training and support in the Social australia mobile no Media Marketing Society What Cpa Email list would you do? Here’s what you should do immediately Click the Reply button. Send the person who posted the message a brief helpful response. Look at the next message you found about your company or products. Repeat steps 1 through 3. australia mobile no That’s easy enough, isn’t it?

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