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So Before You Even Submit

Just like on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Snapchat, TikTok has its own business manager for your ads. The business account is currently most similar to Snapchat’s. However, the advertising options are slightly different than on all other channels. The ads you can bet on TikTok are: 1. In Feed Video In-Feed Videos are ads that appear on your timeline. Also known as the ‘For You Page’ . This is the most used form of advertising on TikTok. They are most similar to regular TikToks. The only difference is that you can add a click-through button to your website, app or social channel. In addition, it is the cheapest way of advertising on TikTok compared to the other options. In_Feed_Video_TikTok Photo: TikTok 2. Tile Experiences Tile Experiences are a kind of In-Feed Videos, but specifically aimed at highlighting multiple products. For example, extra tiles appear at the bottom of your video where you can hang products, which in turn link to your website.

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This way you can show a little more of your product in detail than just in a TikTok video. Tile-Experiences-TikTok Photo: TikTok 3. Brand Takeover With a Brand Takeover you immediately attract attention. This is the first thing that appears when someone opens the app. This can be a gif or a video of 3 to 5 seconds, which links to your website. This is Honduras Phone Number one ad you can’t skip. Advertising with a Brand Takeover is exclusive per category (industry). This means that only one brand can take over a certain category for 24 hours. During those 24 hours you have no competition. 4. TopView A TopView is similar to a Brand Takeover. This also appears immediately when you open the app. The big difference is that a TopView looks like an In-Feed Video. In addition, you can post longer videos than if you opt for a Brand Takeover. This makes it feel more like a real TikTok than an advertisement.


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TopView_TikTok Photo: TikTok TikTok Advertising: What Does It Get? Advertising on TikTok, what does that actually bring your company? The advantage is that not many advertisers are active on the platform yet. Less than 4 percent of social media marketers (worldwide) use TikTok in their marketing strategy. In the Netherlands this percentage is even lower. This is also largely because advertising in the Netherlands is still very difficult. There are only a few Dutch companies that (can) make use of this. Advantage: you can still make an impact relatively cheaply with your campaign! For example, the app currently has an engagement rate of 29% . This is much higher than, for example, on Instagram (5-10%). Whoops! But also results like CTRs, CPMs and CPVs on TikTok will amaze you. To give you a good idea, I have listed some examples of TikTok campaigns.

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