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Auto, the world market on its knees

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Auto, the world market on its knees

Have you ever seen a perfect storm? Here it is! The crisis in the automotive industry at the time of the coronavirus. However, for a storm to be perfect, the disaster must overlap with an already unstable situation. And the premises, Fronk Oil Mailing Address in this case, were a market slowdown and the costly and complicated electrical transition. That is, the transition that the automotive industry had begun to move from a production of conventional cars (classic gasoline or diesel) to that of new generation hybrid vehicles (in various declines) or even fully electric.

This passage for the Houses had already been foreseen as painful for the lower margins and the enormous capitals committed for the investigation, for the new platforms for vehicles that, in any case, They are different from the ones we have conducted to date, for the adaptation of the plants to the new ones. Production needs. Leaving aside the expenses for applied electronics and more or less autonomous driving: here the Houses buy ready-made systems and accessories from (some) external suppliers. Asia to Europe and America, the contagion wave has closed all factories where cars are made, one after another, freezing production, sclerotizing a market. In Europe, the Covid-19 emergency endangers, as ACEA (the association of houses that operate in our continent) warns, the workplace of approximately 14 million workers. In mid-April, the European auto industry and components industry still came to a complete halt.

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Forecasts indicate that it will take months to return to normalization of assembly lines (always admitted and not admitted that there is no shortage of components, as cpa email list  happens with batteries where Chinese supplies are slow). Something is starting to work in the Far East (China), but there is not even a 100% team. In Italy, where the car market in March showed -85.6% (-56% in Europe) compared to the same month of 2019 (but in April the prospects are worse), Anfia (the association of the Italian automotive industry) and Unrae (the union of foreign

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