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Are You Unknowingly Bribing Your Social Media Fans?

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Are You Unknowingly Bribing Your Social Media Fans?

If your company’s social media interactions canada telephone number revolve around advance announcements of sales, special offers and insider-only promo codes – to the point where receiving these things is the primary motivation for your fans and followers – then canada telephone number you’re essentially bribing customers to stay. In this case, social media merely provides a pleasant, whitewashed cover for the bribery. Thus, the very activities you’re hoping will improve your relationship with canada telephone number customers might well be actually hurting your reputation with them, making those customers less likely to pay your full price without balking.

“When companies pay customers canada telephone number to try out their products and services, it’s part of a customer acquisition program. When companies pay customers to remain customers, it’s part of a customer retention program. Retention programs bribe customers with frequent-flyer miles and “buy 10 get 1 free” cards. They add economic incentives for current customers to canada telephone number return for their next purchase. This is hardly a bad thing, but when done too often, it habituates customers to incentives, which promotes economic considerations over brand preference. Loyalty programs increase brand participation among high-value canada telephone number customers to forge bonds that trump economic decisions.


This can mean getting canada telephone number their input on strategic decisions, providing insider-only access to certain products and privileges, and more. After customers have helped design the next-generation widget, they’re emotionally invested in buying and using it. Even more so if, as a privileged insider, canada telephone number they’re provided with early Cpa Email list access to those co-created products, or even exclusive access to special products as a sign of recognition for their efforts and input. So what does this have to do with social media? With social media, customers wish to interact with each other at least canada telephone number as much as they do with the business.

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