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There Are So Many Options

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There Are So Many Options

Think of good photos and videos and clear product information with the most important info and keywords in the right place. Registered brand companies can take advantage of additional tools, such as their own Amazon Store and Enhanced Brand Content. Data : get started with the insights you get from user data. What is the consumer looking for? When does he do this? What feedback does he leave? Testing and optimizing : keep testing continuously, for example with the A/B testing of images or texts. Reviews : Focus on getting reviews. Many consumers hesitate to make a purchase if there are no reviews. Reviews also serve as a determining factor for the algorithm of marketplaces, which improves the organic visibility of your product.

Are So Many Options

Opting for the shipping options/fulfillment method of the marketplace itself (for example at Amazon or bol.com) provides a competitive advantage. Advertising: take advantage of the opportunities that advertising offers. Paid ads influence the organic results on many marketplaces. The conversion rate is a predictive factor, it tells the Slovenia Phone Number algorithm that a product can also be a success organically. Advertising contributes to an increase in the conversion rate. Factors of marketplaces Factors Influencing the Algorithm of. Marketplaces Limit the backlog now ING predicts that by 2025 , 30% to 40% of online non-food turnover will go through marketplaces. The influence of the marketplace model in the e-commerce landscape in the Netherlands will continue to grow. It is therefore smart for you as a company to determine what the role of these marketplaces will be for your company.


So Many Options

You have this choice in your own hands, but the longer you wait, the bigger the backlog becomes.  However, international marketplaces (think of Amazon and Alibaba) have found the Netherlands and other international platforms are also approaching the Netherlands. ING expects that one or two dominant platforms will compete with each other. It is a fact that marketplaces have changed the online retail landscape, but the effect of this is different for every brand and every retailer. Think about a well-thought-out future strategy and ensure that you have the right (technical) knowledge.Webinars are hot . Especially now that many people are at home, it is the ideal way to sell your product, service or idea to potentially interested parties. Have you ever thought about using a webinar as a marketing tool?

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